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Read the following completely!

The offline bankruptcy claim form

For the offline claim it is necessary to download the bankruptcy claim form for users.

This should be possible here:


Do not be confused by the Log in Form. At the end of the page you should find the phrase:

"If you are unable to log in and to file your bankruptcy claim online using this system, please click here."

Click on "click here" and download the document. If this doesn't work you can try to use the following link:


The fingerprints of the above document mtgox-offline-claim-2015-04-14.pdf should be:

SHA1:   537e487aa396f617844c9e08fd67a52e50d5eb39
SHA256: f9247f872b8764bfb6115a9d38678ed00b6f11b1c3605c64f77616f5512f6484
MD5:    330e8235579a512322ced2688dd7638f

Note that the document can change at any time.

If you have problems to download the document with a specific browser, chose an alternative. (For example Firefox instead of Chromium.)

Unable to get the document :(

In some cases we had problems to download the document. We like to stress that it is indispensable to download the document from legal page of the Bankruptcy Trustee.

But, if it is for any reason impossible for you to download the document from the legal source please subscribe to the gox-self-help mailing list:


There we will help you.

Send the completed claim form to the Bankruptcy Trustee

The completed form must be sent to the Office of Bankruptcy Trustee.

You should find the actual address on the same page where you can find the document.

In case of problems contact gox-self-help.


A good guide to completing the claim form for users can be found at the end of the FAQ:


Read it!

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