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Wiki introduction

On 7 February 2014, all Bitcoin withdrawals were halted by MtGox. What followed was bankruptcy and shutdown. Refer to Bankruptcy and shutdown on Wikipedia. The MtGox bankruptcy process "contain an excessive amount of intricate detail that may only interest a specific audience", mainly the Gox customers. This wiki is to collect all this information and make it available to all who are concerned.


PressReleases. Interesting MtGox related press releases can be found here. (Sorted by date. The newest on top.)

MtGox Publications

Here we collect MtGox publications.

MtGox press Releases

In particular old press releases are interesting, which have already been wiped off by MtGox.

Leaked documents

Also check out: www.goxdox.org


MtGox claim process

Here we collect information about filing claims and related information.

/!\ Attention: The claim process has started. The period for filing bankruptcy claims, which is set by the Tokyo District Court, is until May 29, 2015 (Japan time).

current state


Data Analysis

Initiatives / known creditors

Complaints of an offence

Letters to Bankruptcy Trustee

Open FAQ

Questions to the Bankruptcy trustee.

Other sites

Content from Wikipedia

From the Bankruptcy and shutdown section:

"Please help relocate any relevant information, and remove excessive detail that may be against Wikipedia inclusion policy. (March 2014)"

The Wikipedia inclusion policy ensures that details, that do not interest the general public, disappear from the Wikipedia. In this section, therefore items can be copied from the Wikipedia, and further maintained.



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