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First we like to stress that we assume no liability for any damages possibly caused by the execution of the following instructions. This guidance have been created to the best of our knowledge but we do not claim to completeness or accuracy.

Do Your Own Due Diligence!

Methods for filling claims

There are three possibilities for filling Exchange-Related Bankruptcy claims.

  1. ClaimMtGox

  2. ClaimKraken

  3. OfflineClaim

For using the Kraken-Method one must be or become a Kraken member.

If you are not already a Kraken member we prefer to filing the bankruptcy claim directly via ClaimMtGox.

According to FAQ it will still be possible to become a Kraken member with regard to MTGOX’s bankruptcy proceedings later if necessary:

Q22: If I become a Kraken user after filing an Exchange-Related Bankruptcy Claim via the System,
are there any benefits to becoming a Kraken user with regard to MTGOX’s bankruptcy proceedings?
A: Yes (in this case, the bankruptcy trustee will announce by when you will need to become a
Kraken user in the future).

c.f. 201504_faq_en.pdf

Important Documents

To participate in any updates download the documents directly from the Website of the Trustee: MtGox

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