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                   Oliver Egginger
                   Postfach 10 03 08
                   35333 Giessen
                   Tel +49-178-5477-436

18. November 2014

Bankruptcy trustee
Attorney-at-law Nobuaki Kobayashi
MtGox Co., Ltd. Office of Bankruptcy Trustee
Kojimachi 3 chome building #202, Kojimachi 3-4-1, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Tel +81-3-4588-3922

Dear Mr. Kobayashi

On behalf of gox-self-help, a group of MtGox depositors,
I would like to informally submit the following request to you:

1. We checked our last account balances on the site https://mtgox.com.
Most of us, but not everyone, can verify their own balance as correct.
Amounts that were transferred on the brink of insolvency were never
credited in some cases. We want to know how the affected depositors may
proceed in such cases.

2. The remaining assets in Bitcoins should be distributed to depositors
proportionately to their final Bitcoin balance (as seen on mtgox.com).
The remaining assets in legal currency (fiat) should be distributed to
depositors proportionately to their final currency balance (as seen on

3. We ask you to release the actual balance sheet and all transactions
by which bitcoins got stolen, lost or seized. We assume this will not
hinder the investigation. We demand that this information be released
upon completion of the investigation. Further we ask you to give us a
target date for completion of the investigation.

4. Please also explain satisfactorily and comprehensibly how the
missing bank account deposits in legal currency (fiat) have
disappeared. The results of the audit must be published.

5. We ask you to give us access to our data, in particular trading
history, payments-in and withdrawals. In most countries these data
are required for tax declaration.

Please send us your legal opinion on the matter at your earliest

Thank you for your time and attention.

Yours sincerely
Oliver Egginger

P.S.: This letter will be published.

2017-01-14 02:25