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A brief instruction from kjlimo from Bitcoin talk:

I put this together as I went through the Kraken process:

 1. After reading all of the links provided below the dotted line and Kraken's terms & conditions, 
    I registered with Kraken and submitted verification through tier 2.
 2. Then I clicked the “MtGox Claim” tab in my account.
    Clicking the Start Claim Process button took me back to the Claims Mtgox site: 
 3. I logged in and then submitted the temporary passcode e-mailed to my Mtgox e-mail
    when resetting the password and establishing security questions.
 4. Next, I agreed to some terms regarding using Kraken to file my claim.
 5. Then I went back to my Kraken account and clicked the "MtGox Claim" tab and the Start Claim Process button again. 
    This time, it gives me a form to submit all my information for the claim process within the Kraken website.

 I printed a copy for my records of what I filled out, and I'm all set with a claim number waiting for the trustee 
 to evaluate the claims and consider payment later this year.
 I received several emails from the trustee's system when logging in and submitting my claim through Kraken's website.
 It took me about an hour or two to fill out the stuff and register with Kraken after I spent about 8-10 hours reading
 all the FAQs and terms and conditions.

Step 4 takes you to the MtGox site where you say you're going to file using Kraken which takes you back to the Kraken
site. Kraken has their own form through the Kraken website. It is my understanding that both sites are writing 
information to the same database, so it shouldn't really matter.

See: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1062437.msg11426888#msg11426888

2017-01-14 02:25